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Let's catch your guests' attention with pretty letters.

Recently engaged or engaged but had to postpone because of COVID?
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Four reasons you'll wanna work with me...

1. You'll get wedding signage you won't find anywhere else.

I don't believe in offering a standard one-size-fits-all approach because each wedding and love story is 100% different. I'll work with you to create stunning wedding decor that captures the aesthetic of your wedding and everything is hand lettered or hand engraved with no fonts, no mass printing, and vinyl is never used.

2. You'll get to work with an artist who works exclusively on unique surfaces.

We'll work on the fun wedding details such as: rustic mirror seating charts, modern agate slices, fun acrylic signs, elegant marble tile place cards for wedding favours, fresh magnolia leaves... you name it, we'll find a way to letter on it!

3. You'll receive the pretty details without the stress. 

You're newly engaged, trying to juggle your work and family life, spend time with family and friends, plus planning for your wedding day? Yeah, a lot of couples feel the same as you, excited yet overwhelmed when planning their wedding day. As a former bride, I understand exactly what it's like, and that's why my clients have found it's easy to work with me because they can skip the headache of running around but not sacrifice the pretty details they're dreaming of for their wedding day.

4. You'll have eco-friendly options.

You'll be able to choose from a variety of mirror rentals for your signage or you can bring me a surface you really love (like your grandma's rustic antique mirror) or let me know if there's a mirror at your wedding venue you'd like me to letter on. Either way, you'll be helping the environment, so it's a win-win situation!

"Naomi, thank you so much for your talent and your time - the personalized agate slices are breathtaking! I've always associated the mountains with geodes so they were the perfect rustic touch to our intimate wedding! Thanks again!"



1. For The Lovebirds  (An Elopement or Micro Wedding Package)
This package is perfect for those eloping in the mountains or for having a micro-wedding of up to 30 guests. Let's customize your intimate wedding!

- A large Welcome Sign
- Personalized "We Eloped" canvas banner or "Just Married" canvas banner
- Pair of custom handlettered vow books
- Custom place cards or wedding favours for your guests
- Engraved wine bottle or handlettered champagne bottle with your names & wedding date

2. The Wedding Essentials & Must-Haves (The Most Popular Package)
This most popular wedding package gives you the calligraphy signage essentials you need with just a little bit extra. Let's add some personality to your special day! 

- A large Seating Chart
- A large Welcome Sign
- Table Numbers
- Cards & Gifts Sign
- Bar Menu Sign
- Desserts/Cake Sign
- Pair of handlettered Vow Books
- Engraved wine bottle or handlettered champagne bottle with your names & wedding date

3. Everything You Need and More (A Full Service Package)
This all-inclusive package is custom tailored to your needs and gives you everything you need and more for your big day to truly elevate your wedding experience... let's fully personalize your big day!

- A large Seating Chart
- A large Welcome Sign
- Table Numbers
- Cards & Gifts Glass Box
- Bar Menu Sign
- Desserts/Cake Sign
- Custom Quote Sign
- Custom Place Cards for your guests
- Pair of custom handlettered Vow Books 
-Custom engraved wine glasses for the married couple
- Engraved wine bottle or handlettered champagne bottle with your names & wedding date
-And more!

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"If you're looking for a completely custom tailored experience, you HAVE to hire her... you won't regret it! Naomi really values her work and customer service and it shows through her providing lovely personalized bags and care instructions for the pieces."


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