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Can you write on this mirror/glass/wood/unique surface that I have?
99% of the time, yes! Custom projects and unique surfaces are my jam so I'd love to hear more from you. To get started and in order for me to give you a custom quote, I'll need some more information from you about your project so fill out the contact information here OR you can send me an email with your name, a short description of what you're looking for and a photo of the surface you have (or the size/dimensions of your object) to

I'm getting married in 2021/2022. How far in advance should I book a wedding calligrapher?
During these crazy Covid-19 times, there's a lot that's up in the air and you might need to change or re-book your wedding. That's why I always recommend booking as soon as possible that way there's room for movement, should any restrictions occur. In more general terms, like many other wedding or event vendors, most clients reach out about 2-6 months before their wedding/event date. If you've got more time until your wedding/event, it's never too early to start planning; and if you're less than 2 months before the wedding/event, take a deep breath, don't panic, and still inquire :)

I have lots of ideas for my wedding, but I'm not sure where to start in terms of calligraphy?
No worries, I've got you covered, friend! You might not know the full picture for your big day but I bet you've got a Pinterest wedding board or wanna gush all about the wedding trends you've been inspired by, right? Fill out the Wedding Calligraphy Inquiry Form and we'll just go from there!

Can you write calligraphy on a mirror that I already own or I am already renting? 
Most of the time, yes! You can definitely provide me with a surface you've purchased elsewhere (or rented from elsewhere). There's honestly nothing better than being able to showcase a piece that you love so much so I'd love to bring your mirror to life with all of the pretty details for your big day!

There's a mirror/chalkboard/glass surface, etc. at my venue that I love. Can you write calligraphy on it?
As long as I can receive permission from the venue, yes! I love doing on-site calligraphy because sometimes wedding venues often have the best mirrors or glass to write on! Also, rest assured that I use materials that are easily removable, that way nothing will get damaged at your venue.

Can I provide you with materials for the place cards/escort cards?
Definitely, most couples do! Keep in mind that each surface is a little bit different, so you'll also be responsible for providing an additional 25% of your materials (example: if you needed 100 place cards, you'd provide an extra 25). This will account for any ink splatters/smudges, testing purposes, human error and/or for any possible last-minute additions to your guest list. If there's any unused materials left over, I'll be sure to give them back to you once the project is complete :) 

Is the lettering on mirrors/acrylic/marble tiles, etc. permanent?
As a Letter Pretty client, you can decide if you want your calligraphy to be more permanent or not. (The only exception to this is if you've chosen a mirror that is part of Letter Pretty's rentals or from another rental company, as I'll definitely make sure to use calligraphy materials that are easily removable so there's no damage and everything can safely be re-used for future clients).

I want a mirror seating chart but I'm going to have 150 guests or more... where can I find a giant mirror? 
If you have more than 125 guests, I recommend checking out HomeSense/Winners for a mirror that's about 4 feet to 6 feet tall. They usually carry a ton of larger mirrors that are not only perfect for your wedding seating chart, but would also be perfect for you to keep after the wedding in your home! Another option might be renting from a local wedding rental company within Calgary/surrounding area, however, please keep in mind that I will need the mirror TEN DAYS prior to the wedding date (or at the very least, SIX DAYS before the wedding) which can be pretty tight deadline for rental companies to work with.

Do you offer mirror rentals?
Yes, Letter Pretty clients have plenty of rental options! Head on over to the Wedding Calligraphy Inquiry Form and make sure to check off the box that says "Yes, please show me the rental options!" that way I know you're interested, as I'm always adding new inventory items! Prices will range depending on the number of items, your custom calligraphy options, and the options available for your wedding date. 

I want to hire you for my wedding calligraphy, but haven't received all of my RSVP's yet/don't have my finalized guest list...
No worries, that's no problem at all! I understand that with COVID19 your numbers might change based on your situation (it happens!) and to be honest, most couples don't know their finalized guest count until right before the wedding but by that time it's usually too late to book a calligrapher that's in high demand. I recommend filling out the Wedding Calligraphy Inquiry Form right away so you can secure your wedding date on my calendar. Once I've received your request, I'll send you a free custom proposal with options based on your budget and your needs. Once you've reviewed and chosen your options, you'll be able to sign the contract, pay the 50% non-refundable retainer fee, and then I'll start working right away with the names you already have. (And you'll be able to send me the remaining guest names as you receive them... easy peasy!)

How should I format my guest address list when I send it to you?
Guest names, addresses, and other text must be typed, numbered, and submitted in an editable format (preferably Microsoft Excel, but I'll go over this with you upon booking and send you an easy template!) 

What do I do if I found an error in my order or I have additional guests I need to add to my wedding?
As always, please make sure sure to proofread and finalize all text and names before submitting your final guest list to me. If any re-dos are required due to client errors, additional fees will apply. Any revisions or error caused on my behalf as your calligrapher will be completed at no additional cost to you of course.


How much do you generally charge for weddings?
Each project I work on is completely personalized and hand lettered by me, so the pricing varies greatly depending on each individual project and the unique needs of each client. If you'd like a free proposal sent to you that's specifically tailored to your needs and your budget, the best way to get started is to fill out the Wedding Calligraphy Inquiry Form sand I'll get in touch with you ASAP!

Where are you located and do you travel for weddings/events?
I live and work in downtown Calgary and will gladly travel wherever you need! If your wedding/event is outside of Calgary, I'll let you know the applicable travel fees or we can discuss a pick-up/drop-off schedule that best fits your needs!

Do you work with clients outside of Calgary?
Yes! While this Stampede city is home to me, I've also worked with clients across the country and even internationally! With regards to weddings, I do tend to work a bit more closely with local clients in Calgary and surrounding area, given that wedding rental items are unable to be shipped. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause! 

My venue is in Calgary or the surrounding area - can I pick up my item(s) from you or do you deliver?
Yes, for all non-rental items you may pick-up your items free of charge and avoid the cost of delivery. If you'd like to get your order delivered within the Calgary area (including Chestermere) please check out the Shop Policies for the delivery options available.

Please note: for rental items, I will build the delivery, set-up and takedown into your initial proposal/quote. This ensures that no items are damaged in transit, during on-site setup or during takedown. If your event is outside of the Calgary city limits (such as: Cochrane, Airdrie, Okotoks, Banff, Lake Louise, etc.) please note that the delivery fee will be calculated based on your venue location but will be provided to you within the customizable proposal/invoice.

Do you require a signed proposal/contract for weddings?
Yes! For large and custom projects, it's important to have a contract as it ensures that the project goes as smoothly as possible, It sets out all of the expectations and the details of the project so we're both on the same page. (PS. It's definitely not scary at all, I promise!)

How do payments work and what do we need to do to book you?
For all custom wedding projects or corporate projects, once you sign off on the contract, you'll be charged a 50% non-refundable deposit, which ensures that your date is booked off in my calendar. The remaining 50% of your custom order will be due 7 days before your wedding date/event date.

Do you offer a "rush" service fee? (I need my item/items ASAP as my event is coming up quickly)
Yes! A "rush" service fee of 30% will apply to any custom wedding orders placed less than 10 days (including Saturday and Sunday) before your required completion date. Please note that rush orders are accommodated based on availability and the rush time period varies depending on the size and scope of the project. Expedited shipping rates may also apply. Please fill out the Wedding Calligraphy Inquiry Form  or email me directly at to get started. 

Did I answer your questions?
I hope so!

Whether you're ready to work with me or if you still have a question that's not listed on here, I can't wait to get to know you better...