Hey, I'm Naomi. I'm so glad to meet you!

Based in Calgary, AB, Canada, I'm the girl behind the letters at Letter Pretty. I'm a wife to my husband, Andrew; mama to our son, Brody; and dog mama to an energetic cocker spaniel, Winston. Most days you can find me drinking a cup of coffee (always black with 2 sugar), at the dog park with my pup, thrifting at a consignment store, strolling along 17th Ave, or snacking on peanut M&M's.

I've got a question for you...have you ever tried to find your name on one of those tourist keychains but they didn't have your name? If you haven't experienced this, you're a lucky duck! But if you're raising your hand right now... it's like, the worst, feeling right?! (I totally FEEL you... I could never find my name either!)

At Letter Pretty it's my mission, my goal, (and heck, LITERALLY my job!) to help people like YOU create one-of-a-kind custom pieces that capture your personality (and hey, your name is the first place to start, right?!)

So let's skip the cookie cutter art because we're not cookie cutter people...
we've got passion AND personality!

Whether it's a custom piece for your wedding or your home, let's bring your vision to life through beautiful calligraphy (and hey, if wedding piece can also become part of your home decor after your wedding day, that's a win-win situation!

Here's a few reasons you'll want to book with me...

  • You'll receive totally unique and custom decor pieces that are designed the way your heart desires (let's create items for your wedding day or next event exactly the way YOU envision it!)

  • You’ll get to work with an artist who works almost exclusively on unique surfaces. I'm talking agate slices, fresh leaves, wood rounds, marble tiles,  faux leaves, pumpkins, ornaments... you name it, let's letter on it!

  • If you’re planning your wedding, I’m a friend that's 100% been where you are and wants to take a load off of your wedding plate (you've got a million things to do to prep for your wedding so let me help you and I'll be the busy bee creating the items for your wedding!) 

  • You’ll have eco-friendly options, such as renting mirrors or other signage! You can rent a selection of mirrors and other signage from me (or another rental company) or you can bring me your own surface. After your wedding or event is over, I’ll be able to re-purpose the mirror for another event or you can choose to keep the item after your event as a keepsake (every little bit helps when it comes to saving the planet by repurposing and recycling!)

Let's help you wow your guests and make their jaws drop when they enter your wedding venue, corporate event, or your home.

So if you’re planning a wedding...
I'm there in a heartbeat! I love working with rustic and boho couples as they start working on the pretty little details and looking at your Pinterest wedding boards and inspiration!

Planning your next event and wanting to provide the ultimate guest experience?
I'm so down! Let's get designing for the bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, bar mitzvah or your next event!

Not getting married?
No worries, I've got you, friend! We'll talk about the pretty little details like gifting a totally custom item to your loved one in pretty packaging or a totally unique custom project that's special to you!

So how do you know I’ll make your wedding or event dreams come true? Well, I'm speaking from experience because... 
when Andrew and I got engaged in 2017, I knew I wanted to make our wedding FEEL like us. I started learning calligraphy in the evenings every day after work because I knew I wanted to provide that extra special experience to our guests who would be attending our wedding in 2019. Fast forward two years and we’ve gotten married and I’ve also lettered on almost every surface imaginable. I’ve lettered on mirror seating charts, acrylic signs, wood table numbers, place cards of all kinds (agate slices, marble tiles, acrylic slices, wood rounds, sea glass slices, real leaves, fake leaves, real fruit, fake fruit) and so much more! I’ve turned this lettering side hustle into a business and haven’t looked back - here’s to you, future brides and grooms!

So no matter what your event is or who your gift is for, if you value a personalized and sentimental experience over cookie cutter art, I'd love to hear from you!


Definitely mountains. But waaaaait... isn't this a trick question when you live in Calgary?! :)
Righteous Gelato's Frozen Hot Chocolate or Mackay Ice Cream's Mint Chocolate Chip
Watching the Bachelor/The Bachelorette while drinking a glass of Pinot Grigio with my husband

Find yourself thinking "YAAAAAAS!" and you're ready to wow your friends and family at your wedding?
Great, I'd love to hear from you!